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    We recently replaced this fully-functional mini hi-fi system in our outdoor Arizona room with a newer Bose system we brought from our home in Wisconsin.

    There is nothing whatsoever wrong with this Teac hi-fi system.  It sounds great.  We replaced it because we subscribe to Sirius-XM and Pandora services and play them through the old Apple iPhone 4S, which attaches directly to the base unit, and over time, the “ancient” iPhone is now (to us) unacceptably slow to respond when choosing our music (it takes up to a minute sometimes to respond).

    Now, if you’re willing to put up with the slow response on the iPhone 4S when choosing music or apps on it, OR you have a collection of old CDs to play OR if you “cut” your own .mp3 CDs, OR you like to listen to the AM-FM radio (Lord help ya), then this is your deal.  Included with this setup:

    • Teac base station with CD player (should play both analog and digital .mp3 CDs), and old iPhone 30-pin cradle (auto-charges phone when in the cradle).
    • Apple iPhone 4S (reset to factory settings; download your own apps or upload your own music to it).
    • Apple 30-pin to USB cable to connect the iPhone to a computer if desired.
    • Two low-profile speakers.
    • One Subwoofer.
    • One remote control.

    By the way, I bought a 30-pin-to-Apple Lightning “pigtail” to keep using the system with my modern iPhone, but the cable does not allow for volume control (RATS!). So in case you thought about going that route…..

    I will not “hold” this for anyone.  First come, first served.  Today is Monday, November 8, 2021, and it’s 1:34 pm here at Venture Out.

    My name is Dave Rasmussen, my cell is 414-520-8505 and I approved this message.


    ps. two images are attached below.

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