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    Although VO Philatelic Collectors isn’t a club – there’s a few of us who’ve met from time to time over the past two years.  And so although not a formal event – we got to start somewhere!

    With Covid-19 socializing restrictions potentially extending through mid-2021, no one is sure if / when / how we could meet – but nothing says we can’t be prepared!

    Consider bringing on down a few stamps to trade or barter with and let’s go from there.  We’ll post any notices in Breeze Way near the Activity Center and do a write up in the Outlines too.

    We’re not sure if the yearly Mesa Stamp Show will be held early 2021 – but we’ll post what we know in the Breeze Way and Outlines.

    Hope to see ya all this winter season!

    Rich Kantak



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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