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    greg stoddard

    Three antennas and other ham gear in great condition: (please read online manuals for specs)

    Diamond X6000a base vertical tri-band (2m, 70cm, 1.2g) with mounting brackets and N to UHF adapter. $55.

    Cushcraft 2m yagi, horiz or vertical mount. 6 elements. Tuned for lower portion of 2m band. $40


    Also have a Yaesu Ft818  new condition for sale, and an MFJ-9420 20m SSB with CW option installed, with MFJ mic, code key, and power cord.

    Contact Greg  @  713 Navajo   or by email: inbox33@mailfence.com  prefer contact via email. Please.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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